Way to Play

Flexible Roads + Wooden Cars Set

€30.00 €50.00

Ultimate & classic playtime with endless possibilities in just two steps : choose a road set and a car set. Then let imagination of your kiddo do the rest! 

1. WaytoPlay road set is a flexible and durable toy that can be easily used inside or outside since it is watrproof and washable! These amazing road sets are the best option for younger children who are practicing fine motor skills and encourages imaginative play. The roads are made from highest grade BPA free material, safe for those with silicon allergies.

Suitable from 3 years old

Options available : RingRoad ( 12 road pieces), Expressway ( 16 road pieces)


                flexible                        waterproof                      indestructible

2. Pinch Toys Wooden Retro Mini Cars in set of three. Made of alder wood with soft details. Painted with non toxic paint. Handmaded in timeless designs to last for more than just one generation. Perfect for decoration,too.

Suitable from 1 year old

Options available : Color Retro 70's Car set , Retro 70's Car set , Sports Car set