Founded in 1954 by Véronique Michel-Dalès, the toy and games brand Djeco was named after the humble gecko, a reptile that is said to bring good luck. At the time, Djeco specialised in educational games for children that were beautiful as well as fun. Their games were a great success and received a number of awards throughout the 1960s. Fast-forward to 1989, still a family-run business, Véronique’s son Frédéric took reign of the empire. Full of enthusiasm and new ideas, Frédéric searched far and wide for new games and toys to import to France, and further developed the Djeco universe. Today, the French brand continues to innovate and collaborate to create toys and games that are not only educational, but that kids everywhere want to play with! With an emphasis on great aesthetics, fun and creativity, Djeco continues to inspire and delight all its fans, both young and old.

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