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Reusable Cotton Wraps with Beeswax 3-pack Cold

€21.00 €24.90

The Cotton Wraps are made of organic, GOTS-certified cotton treated with a mix of beeswax and jojoba oil.

A good alternative to single-use packaging such as tin foil, cling film, and sandwich paper.  

They care for the environment and are free of toxic chemicals. Therefore, both our nature and your food will not come in contact with toxic chemicals. 

They take good care of your food. They let the food breath while at the same time protecting against air and moist. 

Cotton Wraps are sustainable. They can be used again and again and can be composted. They do not wear out the environment or the wallet. 

Cotton Wraps can be used by everyone. There are no sharp edges to cut yourself or tight knots to loosen. 

Cotton Wraps make your every day more sustainable. 

Fold and Wrap – Again and Again. Fold them around the food or bowl. The heat from your hands makes them soft so they easily wrap around the food. They stiffen once they cool down thus sealing tight. 

After use clean them carefully in cold water with a mild, alcohol free soap and a soft sponge or cloth. Do not soak. Dry them without wringing. They are now ready to be used again. 

Cotton Wraps can be used for almost all kinds of food. Due to the risk of bacteria developing they should not be used for raw, unprocessed meat. 

With correct care they can last up to a year or even more.

Cotton wraps come in a package with three wraps in 3 different sizes: 20,5 x 18 cm , 25 x 28 cm and 32,5 x 35,5 cm