Ma Cabane à Rêves

New Magnetic White Board - Little Cabane - New color

€47.00 €58.00

Ma Cabane à Rêves new magnetic white board give your child a new place to create, away from paper and pens and you'll be amazed at how liberating it is for them... and for you! On it, they will have the space to write, draw and play with all their magnets. We know that home schooling is tedious so taking the learning away from the table and on to something different can really help.

A sober and minimalist design in the shape of a HOUSE, which harmonizes with softness and poetry in all the rooms of the house: from the child's room, to the living room, to the kitchen or the entrance! Super stylish but very practical, this magnetic white board is light enough so can move all around the house. Possibility of hanging the painting using tabs or adhesive hooks for frames without damaging the wall.

Colors available : Nude and Opaline.

Made in France

Ages 3+

Dimensions- 42x57,5 cm

Tip: Prefer washable dry-erase markers to write and rewrite on your white board. Use a soft cloth or cotton to avoid scratching the surface. Washable with water or acetone-free nail polish remover to remove difficult marks.

Magnets sold separately