Bath Playing Card Game

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A fun card game for the whole family. In a fight, the first to catch the right sea creature wins. The game by Djeco runs as follows: 10 cards are dealt to each player and the sea creature cards are allowed to float freely in the bath. Players hold their cards face down in their hands and simultaneously turn over the first card in their hand: The highest card (from 5 to 1 bubble(s)) stings. The winner puts the winning cards under his pile. When 2 identical sea creatures are turned over, the Bataplouf occurs! To win the Bataplouf, you have to "fish" as fast as possible for the animal that the competition is about. The first player to catch it gets the pile and puts the animal back into the water. The player who has received all the cards wins the game.

Contents: 20 cards + 5 waterproof fish silhouette cards + 1 net.

Number of players: 2

Game duration: 10 min

Recommened from 4 years old

Dimensions 15,6 x 11,7 x 2,8 cm

Designed in France