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Soft Book - Christmas

€12.00 €17.00

This baby’s first Christmas soft book contains a beautiful collection of Christmas themed pages

The centre fold page folds out to have a longer page consisting of a penguin’s party! Because even Penguin’s like to celebrate! Each page has an alternating contrasting colour (either black or white), and the illustrations enhance the playful magic of Christmas. The magical Deer makes an appearance on the first page, there is also snowmen who are pretend playing in the snow, an elf and many more!

These books are ideal from newborns, they have been tested and certified safe and non toxic.

Material: Canvas Albany (During the construction of this collection no pins/ sharp objects have been used to secure fabric/ parts: and all have been constructed with the importance of safety for children).

Care: Spot clean/ handwash with warm water. Hang to dry. Do not iron.
Handmade using Oeko-tex certified inks.
CE tested.
Handwash/ spot clean only.