Sunflower Seedling

In the Garden Flashcards

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A set of six hand illustrated visual sensory cards focusing on storytelling and visual stimulation.

This garden inspired collection contains a set of six circular cards designed to stimulate your baby’s development from as early as the day he or she is born.

One side has a high contrast black and white image, while the other is embellished with the beginnings of a magical tale. All you need to do is add a little imagination!

High contrast black and white images will help your baby to focus, improving memory and concentration, while story telling will encourage communication skills and creative role play.

These cards not only visually stimulate from birth and expand creative story telling, but they are designed to teach the days of the week, spellings and enhancing role play.

These cards can be used in many ways, from creating the perfect bedtime story, sharing them between different siblings, bonding between family members and perfect for popping into your changing bag, on your many travels!

Useful Information

These cards are suitable for babies and children from 0 months +.

This pack contains: A ladybird, a snail, a tree, the Sun, flowers and a bird.

Each box comes with an information/ instruction sheet, which will assist you in using the cards in many ways from newborn’s onwards.

And lastly each box is printed on textured linen paper.