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Magnets - Africa

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Let's discover the Savannah, a unique and distant landscape that makes children dream. For us, it is the stories of Kirikou. This little boy who lives in an imaginary African village of a thousand wonders! Make your child a storyteller of African stories and fables: witches village chiefs, marabout and fetish.

Fabrikafrika is a magnetic game, composed of 29 magnets, on the theme of the savannah in Africa. Layer and combine the magnetic shapes .. Ma Cabane à Rêves® magnets has more than one story to tell.

These magnets allow kids to tell their own stories, being able to layer the magnets, stimulating their creativity. The beauty of magnets is that they can be used on any magnetic surfaces, allowing children to create stories all around your home.

Combine with other magnetic themes to stimulate the creativity of your child.

Don't throw anything away!

The frame can be used as a puzzle or a stencil!


100% Recyclable and Waterproof

Ages 3+

Easily washable, simply use a damp cloth to 
clean magnets.

Printed magnetic sheet in flexible material
 containing 29 magnets

Eco-sustainably Designed and made in France

Please note: Magnetic boards are sold separately, boards featured in photos are for display purposes only.