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Magnet Anatomy: The Human Body

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51 stackable magnets to discover how the human body worksThis set of magnets is first of all the story of a collaboration between two creators, who, after having known each other fifteen years ago during their studies in applied art, met to share their touch. artistry on this collection. World famous for her book “Anatomie”, Hélène Druvert is an illustrator and author of children’s books such as “Naissance”, “Océan” and “Le ciel” published by Martinière Jeunesse. To discover on the site, real little nuggets for lovers of beautiful books! With this collection, Hélène and Amandine (founder of Ma Cabane A Reves) revisit the learning of the human body.

Fabrikanatomy contains 51 magnets! The 11 vital organs, but also, muscles, nerves, arteries and veins to position and superimpose on a child's silhouette. 33 magnetic labels, color-coded for each organ and bone, are also part of this theme. Your child can learn to place and name each organ while having fun.

And because you know we don't like waste, the back of the packaging has been specially designed to offer you a poster which shows the child's silhouette with a description of the main vital organs. Everything your child needs to know about the human body! 


100% Recyclable and Waterproof

Ages 5+

Easily washable, simply use a damp cloth to 
clean magnets.

Printed magnetic sheet in flexible material
 containing 51 magnets

Eco-sustainably Designed and made in France

Please note: Magnetic boards are sold separately, boards featured in photos are for display purposes only.