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Natural Play Dough - Golden

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Super-soft ivory natural play dough with marzipan scent and biodegradable golden glitter.

Based on Montessori Sensory Play,  play dough stimulates most of your children’s senses. Haptic fun, gender-neutral colours and they all smell fantastic. 

With BLUBERRY NATURAL PLAY-DOUGH children can let their creativity run free.

BLUBERRY NATURAL PLAY-DOUGH is non-toxic, but not edible. Children should be supervised by parents while playing. For children under the age of 3, play dough is not recommended. Small quantities can cause suffocation.


Water, wheat flour, sea salt, vegetable oil, organic coconut oil, acidity regulators of plant origin, vegetable pigments in food quality, organic jojoba oil and essential oil of lavender.

Content: 150g
Packaging: recyclable PET jar

Made and designed in Greece.