Wooden Educational Game - Svoora O' Clock

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 It’s Svoora O’ Clock! A fun and simple educational toy to help children obtain their first contact with the time, in a creative way! An 'analogue' clock with 2 pointers and 15 number tiles for the 'digital' time slots show children how to read the clock and answer to the 'what time is it?' popular question. The rotating cloud makes them familiar with the AM and PM – day and night indicators. The 24 flash cards present the time with both the analogue and digital from, while their different colors help distinguish the sections of the day. Exclusively made from beechwood & plywood with non-sharp edges & non-toxic colors, to ensure children's safety. It contains 2 support-stands pieces for a more stable game and one explanatory card with all the possible combinations of day & time. The time-learning process could not be much more enjoyable!

Material: Beechwood, plywood

Recommended from 3 years old

Dimensions : 32 X 1 X 18 cm