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Wooden Math Dice and Natural Play Dough Set

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With BLUBERRY NATURAL PLAY-DOUGH children can let their creativity run free.

Playful learning with our Math Dice Set containing a jar of yellow natural play dough and a wooden pair of dice. 

What is in the box set-

+Lemon Natural Play Dough - 150 g 


Water, wheat flour, sea salt, vegetable oil, organic coconut oil, acidity regulators of plant origin, vegetable pigments in food quality, organic jojoba oil and essential oil of lemon.

+Two Dice

Dimensions 3.5cm x 3.5cm / Birch Wood

Care instructions

This product is untreated. Before first use and then every six months you should freshen up your tools with a little bit of oil, such as olive oil. After playing, you should wipe the dice with a dry, lint free cloth.

Made and designed in Greece.